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We want volunteers! We need everyone's help in planning and executing the National Muster. There are a number of Committees to fill. This is an all hands on deck event.
Please sign up for any committee(s) that you're interested in. 


Below you will find 5 categories of committees. Click on each one to see more details. Logistics has a number of subcommittees so be sure to scroll down. You will also see check boxes to volunteer for each committee. Please check as many as you would like to volunteer for. Once done, come back and hit the VOLUNTEER! button to submit your choices. 

Camping Committee:

  • Responsible for layout of camping area prior to muster.

  • Review registrations and place campers.

  • Water buffalo location and light towers.

  • Parking campers and pointing out tent campers in the correct area.

  • Clean up of camping area.

  • Noise curfew compliance.

  • ICEMAND/PERSON for Saturday morning

Event Personnel Committee:

  • Organize volunteers for event.

  • Assign people where needed.

  • Coordinate with Fort Adams personnel. (Golf Cart and support people)

  • Vests or Lanyards for Event staff

Registration Committee:

  • Ensure Complete Registrations. Verify information from participating units (meal tickets, # campers (Tent or RV), Size of RVs (proof of current insurance and registration)

  • Registration tent.

  • Register incoming units at Muster, hand out tickets and arm bands.

Vendor Committee:

  • List of Vendors

  • Registration / Invitation

  • Collect Fees ($25) 10x10 popup (contact if more space is required)

  • Signed agreement & proper insurance.

Muster Performance Committee:

  • Setup area performance area (Entrance and Exit as well as assembly area outside North Entrance)

  • Muster ribbons. (Announcers, presenters.

  • Organize units order of appearance and keep units organized and ready.

  • Spectator area

  • Muster Announcer Tent location and setup and take down.

  • PA System



  • Vendor: Being worked on presently

  • Organize food service area.

  • Tickets for welcome tent for group when registering. Arm bands.

  • Organize help to hand out food.

  • Purchase paper goods and water.

  • Pop-ups and tables.

  • Other food related support: Collect tickets, etc.

Merchandise Committee:

  • T-Shirts, Buttons, koozies, reusable water bottles…etc




Parade Committee:

  • Set-up assembly area for the parade. Layout number for lineup.  See Muster Performance Committee for line up order.

  • Keep order and spacing and provide information when needed.

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